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Brännland Iscider


Brännland Iscider 2019

Brännland Cider
Product Description
BRÄNNLAND ISCIDER 2019 The vintage differs from previous years as a result of the 2019 harvest being markedly different than 2018. Where the 2018 was a record year both in terms of fruit quality and harvest volume, 2019 was the opposite. Harsh conditions at flowering and pollination and a weak harvest. The 2019 was a sigh in comparison to the previous vintage which can be said to be the best Swedish harvest in decades. Apple trees also need their rest. As a result we were left with a much smaller volume of apples to work with in 2019. In order to balance the raw material, work hours and final production volumes we decided to extract at a slightly lower sugar level than we normally do. The result is a different ice cider but we don’t think that the difference is temporary. The 2019 presents itself as a wine that is even closer to the core of ice cider, or soul if you will, and we are more than happy to stay in that expression. At bottling the vintage is light and ethereal and at present it shows more white flowers than heavy apple character. Drinkable now but with a strong integrity for long ageing. In spite of its lightness the vintage does not lack concentration. We’ve chosen to bottle the wine as tight as possible to give it even more potential for long ageing.  – Andreas Sundgren, founder, Brännland Cider This vintage is the Greta Garbo of vintages. Elegant and skittish but also powerful and complex. The slightly lower sugar levels this year is giving the wine crunch factor. A pleasure to serve now, and most likely for next couple of decades.  – Joel Welander, Winemaker APPEARANCE: Crystal clear, bright golden colour with hints of amber. NOSE: Pronounced and clean expression of sun warm apple, wild strawberries, nectarine, roses, jasmine. PALATE: Elegant and intense flavours of candied apples and crisp nectarine, turning into white blossom and light honey. A long finish with hints of sea salted caramel and white sandstone. ABV: 9,5% RESIDUAL SUGAR: 138 gr/litre TOTAL ACIDITY: 16.3 gr/litre BOTTLED: March 2021 VINTAGE: 22000 bottles 375 ml – bottles/case 6
370 bottles 1500 ml – bottles/case 1 SERVING TEMPERATURE: 8-12 degrees centigrade STORAGE: Very good ageing potential. PAIRING: Cheese, desserts with apple and berries, foie gras.
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