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Brännland Iscider


Claim by Brännland Cider

Brännland Cider
Product Description
CLAIM BY BRÄNNLAND CIDER 2018 A light ice wine made from 100% Swedish apples, concentrated & elevated using the natural winter cold of northern Sweden. Claim evokes lightness and light, spring and summer, rather than the dark, heavy power house of bold autumn and winter flavors which is our traditional ice cider.  Our goal with Claim, beyond showcasing the width of expression of Swedish apples, was to create our equivalent of an Auslese in terms balance and body. The 2017 was fantastic in many ways and we were intensely proud of it as a first outing but it was also based on assumption rather than previous experience. Because of that the 2017 is closer to a semi dry wine. The 2018 is different, it has the same residual sugar as the 2017 but with a slightly lower amount of acidity which menas it is closing in on the expression we will be looking for going forward, a little more body and perceived sweetness without being equivalent on the power house of concentration exhibited by the more voluminous ice ciders in our range. APPEARANCE: Inviting, light gold. NOSE: Apple clarity, more than the previous vintage, yellow apples with the firmness of red apples. PALATE: Sweetness and acidity in balance and lightly sweeter without being overpowering, fresh, tight finish with red apple peel, apple core and bitter almonds. ABV: 7 % RESIDUAL SUGAR: 90 grams /liter TOTAL ACIDITY: 11 grams/liter BOTTLED: 2019 VINTAGE: 2018
, 19.000 bottles 375 ml SERVING TEMPERATURE: 8-10 degrees centigrade STORAGE: Drink now or lay down. Great ageing potential. PAIRING Claim is versatile and plays well as an aperitif, in the company of cheeses, light desserts or savory dishes that can match the balance between sweetness and acidity in the cider.
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